Bike Race Preparation

Bike racing is a wonderful experience. Security and preparation are the biggest factors for each race. If you’re racing in or outside your town or city, always plan ahead.


Monitor your bike and equipment to be certain they’re in great working order. Do your tires need airing? Are you going to should take your air pump alongside you? Monitor your hand grips, chain, computers and all gears weeks ahead of your race. Replace or repair the issues.

Having a water bottle holder in your bike is a requirement. It’s vital to keep fluids at arms length when riding in a bike race. You do not need dehydration to spoil your race.

Examine the elements within the place your bike race is. With respect to the length of your own bike race, a change of clothing might be crucial. Remember your rain gear. It might become a fantastic notion to truly have a flat rack to the rear part of your own bike to hold a little bag or backpack to take a few of the things with you.

Security and rate are clearly the two primary variables in a bike race. Be certain to not overload the tote that you put in your level rack. If you discover you will not want the change of clothing or rain gear, leave them at the starting place or with someone.

There are generally volunteers manning stands across the bike racing course. These volunteers are really so helpful. You can refresh your water, energy drink or juice and sometimes, pick up a bite. There are times there is a hose to cool you off, when the current weather is hot and muggy.

Is the date set? Are you as well as your bike prepared to win? Go, then; have fun, good luck and be safe.

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